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Kottlers Of Cape Town is a proud zebra sales site - Part of the Kottlers Online Group
Our 118 year old reputation for quality means you have the security of knowing that your purchase comes directly from African experts on African Zebra Rugs, African Gifts and African Curios.
Kottlers World Famous Gifts and Curios
(Est 1896)
PO Box 55, Stanford, 7210, Western Cape Province, South Africa.


Kottlers Online has long adopted the motto "one gets what one pays for" and we strive to provide the highest quality possible for all of our expertly tanned African Animal Skins!
The Granddaddy
Of Them All!

The leaders in African Curios Gifts, Exotic Hides, Zebra Skins, Zebra Rugs and Specialists in Gifts from Africa, African Animal Skin Rugs, Hides, Skins and Pelts!
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Get Your
Top of the range
Trophy Grade
Genuine Burchell Zebra Skins

For Just
US$1600 !

No one else can boast that they have been in business for 119 years and are still trading with the original family at the head, since 1896.

There must be a reason!

Why?   Integrity, Quality, Service.

 That is why “Kottlers” is renowned for beautiful merchandise throughout the world.

If you are not happy – we offer a refund.

 “one gets what one pays for.”
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Chess Sets

From $155/set
Frosted Animal

From $
Ostrich Eggs

From $56 each
Ostrich Leather

From $415 each
zebra Cushions
Zebra Hide

From $380
Zebra Pelts
Exotic Skin

From $1750 each
Gold Horn

From $570 each
Serviette Rings

From $30 each

From $120 each

Ostrich Egg
Study / Nursery Lamps

FROM $145 each
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Stars and Moon
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'Khotla' Springbok Rugs!

The Basotho word 'khotla' means
'court for dispute resolution / a meeting place'.

Certainly a good place for our rugs to indicate high standing to the owner of them!
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'Khotla' Springbok Rugs Priced at $347 (excluding postage and packing) 'Khotla' Springbok Rugs
Zebra Rug
Zebra Skin, Zebra Hide, Zebra Rug or Zebra Pelt ?
Zebra Pelt
Felted Zebra Skin, Zebra Hide, Zebra Rug or Zebra Pelt
Carved Ostrich Egg Lamps
Carved Egg
Egg Holder
Ostrich and other fine hides from the experts in animal skin - Kottlers of Cape Town
Kelly Springbok Handbag
Ostrich and other fine hides from the experts in skin rugs - Kottlers of Cape Town
Made in South Africa from
Founder Pic
Mo Green, Lewis Kottler and Maurice Friedland We have a Secure Ordering Policy
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"You can always buy something a little cheaper and a little worse,
but never EVER at Kottlers!"

We were established in 1896 and we have
Proved Our Quality
over and over again!!

'Khotla' Springbok Rugs!
Kottlers of Cape Town

118 years of Experience in African Animal Rugs
And still in the original family!

Available now from the source of fine Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewellery, Exotic Gifts, Zebra Hides, Zebra Rugs, Zebra Pelts, Zebra Cushions, Pillows and Genuine African Curios:

Kottlers Online !
Hundreds of celebrities have purchased zebra rugs from the zebra rugs specialists over the past century. In dealing with Kottlers Online for their African Zebra Skin Rugs, Gifts and Curios they know they are dealing with people they can trust - people who really know about African Gifts and Curio Gifts.
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